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                The company was founded in 2011. In the early stages our team specialized on production of household and computer appliances in China and distribution our products in Russian Federation. You could find out our products searching for brands as Stenn (headphones and portable audio), Boulle (small household appliances) and Click-It (computer accessories). In February 2016, a production factory of small household appliances was establishid in Pushkin, a suburb of St. Petersburg. For nowada ys, the total area of our factory is 2100 square meters, of which the production site occupies 1180 square meters. The number of personnel employed in the production is more than 100 people. The production capacity for the production of medium-complexity devices (electric kettle, dryer for fruits and vegetables) exceeds 500,000 products per year. In 2019 we got our first export experience, shipped our products to Europe (Poland). The level of localization of production is 80%.

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